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December 12, 2020

My home automation has gone through quite a lot of stages. From just running a simple Telldus Net Classic to upgrading to Tellstick Znet Lite v2, to my current setup of running a Raspberry Pi4 4GB with Home assistant Supervised.


  • Unifi USG
  • UniFi Switch 16 PoE
  • 2x Unifi AP AC Pro LR
  • 2X Unifi USW-Flex Mini

Wall mounted rack

In this rack I have my USG and main switch. This switch powers several PoE surveillance cameras as well at access points and switches. I also have a small ASRock DeskMini 310 server behind the fan, this is running Unraid with an i5 8400 and 16GB of ram. For storage it has a 512GiB SSD as well as 2*2TiB drives. This runs a VM for Blue Iris for my surveillance cameras as well as Dockers for Plex for videos and music, SABnzbd for downloading and the Unifi controller for all of my network. Previously I also ran Home Assistant on this, but I wanted to migrate that to a native host for various reasons.

Raspberry Pi 4 with PoE board

Connected to the switch via PoE is a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB of ram running on latest Raspian lite 64 bit installed on an USB3 SSD. This runs Home Assistant Supervised according to this guide. This device has a ConBee II for talking to ZigBee devices like Philips Hue and Ikea Trådfri. As well as an RTL2832U based SDR for recieving 433 MHz signals from a bunch of temperature sensors I didn't want to replace when changing from Telldus, for this I'm using rtl_433 which feeds to MQTT where Home Asssistant picks up the values.

For light controlling I'm running a bunch of GoSund SP-111 outlets flashed with ESPHome as well a couple of Shelly 1 flashed to ESPHome. For these two I will write more guides in other posts.

Shelly 1 flashing